How to Store the Shrink Roll Correctly?

Shrink roll is one of the most popular products in the production sector, thanks to the solutions it produces in the field of shrink roll packaging. Shrink rolls shrink when in contact with heat. The products are subjected to heat treatment while being wrapped with a shrink roll and the shrink rolls take the form of the product they wrap. The products packaged with this application are protected against all external factors. Shrink rolls are the most preferred products by various sectors as they offer ease of transportation in multiple products.

Shrink packaging material is a very long-lasting product when stored correctly. During the storage of shrink rolls, factors such as temperature, humidity, dust and time should be considered. A higher temperature and humidity than the required amount may cause visual deformation of the products. With these simple precautions regarding storage, you can prevent your shrink rolls from being damaged. In order to extend the shelf life of the shrink film and not to increase your costs in the long run, you should pay attention to the storage precautions.

What are the Usage Areas of Shrink Rolls?

Shrink roll provides conveniences such as packaging, easy stacking and preventing the product package from being opened until it reaches the end consumer. Rolls that offer effective packaging during transportation protect the products from external factors. Shrink film usage area increases day by day according to the needs of the sectors. The rolls, which keep the products together, provide protection against physical impacts on your products in the entire process from the production stage to the end user. It is possible to list the usage areas of shrink roll packaging solutions as follows:

  • -Food containers of various sizes,
  • -Plastic box and plastic bottle packaging,
  • -Kitchenware and decoration products,

Shrink rolls are widely used in every industry that requires packaging.

In Which Dimensions Are Shrink Films Produced?

Shrink rolls, one of the packaging solutions used for various sectors, are produced in different sizes according to the needs.

  • Shrink rolls are produced from 15 cm to 400 cm as printed or unprinted, perforated or non-perforated.
  • Shrink films have a production thickness between 30mic and 400mic.
  • -It can be produced in different sizes according to the weight of the product to be packaged, usage and storage conditions.

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