Medical Waste Bag

What is a Medical Waste Bag?

The parts of the wastes resulting from the activities of health institutions that may be harmful to human health and the environment are called medical waste. The scope and definition of medical wastes are defined in the legal regulations made by the Ministry of Health, and the collection, transportation and disposal of medical wastes are subject to special rules. The bags to be used in the collection, transportation and disposal of medical wastes are produced in accordance with legal requirements. The bags produced for this purpose are called medical waste bags.

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What are the Features of Medical Waste Bag?

The properties that medical waste bags should carry are determined by legal regulations. Making production in accordance with these regulations is of great importance in terms of human, environment and public health, beyond being a legal obligation. In the color system used to separate wastes in health facilities, red color is determined for medical wastes. Medical waste bags are also produced in red color. However, not every red colored bag can be used as a medical waste bag.

  • Medical waste bags must be durable and robust.
  • It should not leak.
  • It should be resistant to explosion and tearing.
  • It should be produced from medium density polyethylene.
  • It should be at least 100 microns thick.
  • Medical waste bags should bear the phrase “Medical Waste”.
  • “International Clinical Waste Emblem” should be printed on medical waste bags.

Where is the Medical Waste Bag Used?

Medical waste bags should be used compulsorily in all kinds of health facilities where wastes that can be qualified as medical waste are produced. Not all wastes of health facilities are considered as medical waste. Domestic waste, paper, glass and other similar wastes are collected separately in appropriate colors. Health facilities also collect their hazardous waste separately. Medical waste is separated at the place where the waste originates. Red bags are used for medical wastes, black bags are used for domestic wastes, and yellow bags are used for hazardous wastes. All kinds of health facility wastes that may pose a danger to human health are collected, transported, stored and disposed of using red medical waste bags.

Medical Waste Bag Sizes and Prices

Medical waste bag can be produced in any size needed. Due to its special production, medical waste bag prices vary. Istanbul Plastik produces medical waste bags with extra quality due to the importance it attaches to human health by showing the necessary care in the production of medical waste bags. You can contact Istanbul Plastik customer services for medical waste bag prices and the dimensions you need.

Medical Waste Bag Features