How to Produce Nylon Bags and Carry-Bags

Nylon bags and carry-bags are produced in co-extruder machines using single-ply or multi-ply low-density high-density raw material. With the help of moulds in PE Shrink Roll Film co-extruder machines,  raw materials that are turned into a wax consistency under high temperature is transformed into a film according to the demands of customers. 

Naylon Torbalar ve Poşetler Nasıl Üretilir?

These films produced are then stored in cold air depot and cooled down. In accordance with the demands and requests of the customers Logo for advertising and promotional purposes, address, photograph type printing processes are operated on them. Then The bags are ready to be shipped after many features such as width, height, bellow, hole, handle, hand, rope and lamination are obtained and approved by the quality control department

Carrying Bag, Pallet Cover and Advertising Bag is a robust, practical and economical solution that companies can use to protect advertisements, promotions, transportation, stacks and products from external factors.

Plastic packaging materials such as advertising bags, nylon bags, transparent bags, carrying bags, non-static bags, pallet covers and garbage bags are produced as nature friendly as opposed to today’s known. Thanks to technological additives that are mixed with the raw material during the production phase, it disappears spontaneously within 12 – 24 months.

What Are the Benifits and Savings of Using Plastic Bags and Pouches?

  • Nylon bags, pouches and advertising bags are more economical than other packaging techniques.
  • Pallet covers and trash bags are stronger than other packaging techniques.
  • Nylon bags and transparent bags are more practical and durable than other packaging techniques.