Stretch Films

Stretch Films

What is Pallet Stretch? How is it produced? What are the Advantages and Savings?

Istanbul Plastik and Package Pallet Stretches are 5 layers and are produced by cast film technique.
Thanks to the LLDPE (linear low density polyethlene) raw materials and adhesives,  film becomes more flexible, clasp the product and provide them to stick togerher longer time.
The huge part of our Pallet Stretch production is produced transparently. In the direction of demands and requests of companies, one side or double side adhesive is available externally, slippery, UV resistant to sunlight, special production in desired color, size and thickness.

Stretch Film Nasıl Üretilir?

We have two types of Pallet Stretch Production:

  • Super Power Stretch Film (Stretch Film for Fully Automatic Machines)
  • Power Stretch Film (Stretch Film for Semi-Automatic Machines and Manuel Usage)

Let’s Get Down to Advantages and Savings of Pallet Stretch

  • Pallet Stretch Film is impact-resistant.
  • Pallet Stretch Film is tasteless and odourless and never composes any taste or odour in packaged products.
  • Pallet Stretch Film protects your products from external factors(solar rays, rain, wind, dust and all insect pests)
  • Pallet Stretch Film holds your products together during shipping and storing (It is the most economical and ideal package material at long distance shipping)
  • None any of the package material has the cost and ease of use of Pallet Stretch film for industrial usage in the world.
  • Although high machine investments are necessary in other packaging techniques, these investment costs are too low in Pallet Stretch package.
  • Stretch Film is resistant to hot and cold so has a long shelf life.
  • Stretch Film is flexible so it takes the shape of the product.
  • Stretch film is transparent; it provides an advantage on selling the product.
  • Pallet Stretch Film is nature friendly and %100 recyclable.
  • Stretch film’s dimensions, thickness and amounts are made properly according to the wishes and requests of the customers.
  • Stretch Film’s colourful production is available.