Stretch Films

Strecth Films

What is a pallet stretch? How is it produced? What are the benefits?

Istanbul Plastik’s pallet stretches have five layers. They are made using the cast film technique. Because of LLDPE (linear low density polyethlene) raw materials and adhesives, the film becomes more flexible, grips the product, and allows them to stick together for a longer period of time. A large portion of our pallet stretch production is transparent. In response to company demands and wishes, special production is available in the desired color, size, and thickness, with one-sided or double-sided adhesives, slippery and UV-resistant forms.

Stretch Film Nasıl Üretilir?

Pallet Stretch Production comes in two varieties:

Stretch Film for Fully Automatic Machines (Super Power Stretch Film)

Power Stretch Film (Stretch Film for Semi-Automatic and Manual Machines)

Let’s get down to the benefits of pallet stretch

  • -Pallet Stretch Film is impact-resistant.
  • -Pallet Stretch Film is tasteless and odourless and never composes any taste or odour in packaged products.
  • -Pallet Stretch Film protects your products from the elements (sunlight, rain, wind, dust, and all insect pests).
  • -Pallet Stretch Film keeps your products intact during shipping and storing (it is the most cost-effective and suitable package material for long-distance shipment).
  • -No other package material in the world has the cost and ease of use of Pallet Stretch film for industrial use.
  • -While substantial equipment investments are required in other packaging processes, these costs are too low in the Pallet Stretch package.
  • -Stretch Film is resistant to hot and cold so has a long shelf life.
  • -Stretch Film is flexible so it takes the shape of the product.
  • -Stretch film is transparent, giving the product an edge when marketing it.
  • -Pallet Stretch Film is environmentally friendly and 100 % recyclable.
  • -The dimensions, thickness, and quantities of the stretch film are created in accordance with the client’s needs and requests.
  • -Stretch Film is now available in colorful production.

Available Dimension, Thickness and Length of Stretch Film

10 cm17 mic -23 mic300 mt / 1500 mt
17 cm17 mic -23 mic300 mt / 1500 mt
25 cm17 mic -23 mic300 mt / 1500 mt
50 cm17 mic -23 mic300 mt / 1500 mt