How to Produce a Quality LDPE Shrink Roll?

How to Produce a Quality LDPE Shrink Roll?

LDPE is a widely used material known as polyethylene. Shrink roll, which helps easy and convenient packaging of products, enables safe product delivery. LDPE, offers high strength for wrapping heavy products, as it is a low-density material. It is preferred thanks to its features such as flexibility, chemical resistance, and durability.

What are the Advantages of LDPE Shrink Film?

LDPE shrink roll has a low melting point and is very suitable for color printing. Here are the advantages offered by this shrink film, which is especially used for packaging products such as water bottles and food:

  • Thanks to its flexibility, it can adapt to different designs.
  • It proves to be a long-lasting material with its durability.
  • Its recyclability is important for environmental sustainability.
  • Its chemical resistance allows different materials to be used in the wrapping phase.
  • It gives products a smooth, transparent, and shiny appearance.
  • Protects against harsh weather conditions, rodents, and insects.
  • Ensures that the products reach their owner safely and securely.
  • Instructions for use and barcodes can be affixed to it.

What are the Usage Areas of LDPE Shrink Roll?

LDPE shrink roll is used in industrial and daily life and it draws attention with its transparency and durability features. Some usage areas of this shrink roll include:

  • Manufacture of industrial products such as plastic bags, napkins, barrels, packaging materials, containers and stretch film,
  • Production of greenhouse covers with drip irrigation pipes,
  • Packaging of computer parts and small household appliances,
  • Storage of play and toy accessories,
  • Corrosion resistant work surfaces,
  • Heavy duty bags,
  • Bottle making,
  • Production of soft and bendable parts,
  • Wrapping food storage containers,
  • Storage of laboratory containers,
  • Packaging of electrical insulation materials.

What are the Devices Used in Shrink Roll Production?

As shrink roll is produced from low-density LDPE material, it can be transparent and glossy, as well as in custom colors. It can be made unique to the company by applying flexo printing on its surface. The shrinking process is carried out in ovens. Wrapping is ensured with thermal application. An extruder machine is needed for the production of a quality LDPE shrink roll. Optional devices include a rotary die head, balloon control, and back-to-back double winders. These machines enable a production that improves the quality of the film. Shrink film devices that provide a professional manufacturing process are used by expert teams.

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