Transparent Bag

Transparent Bag

There are a few parameters to be considered in transparent bag production. One of them is the production using quality raw materials and the second is the use of machine technology suitable for transparent bag production. Transparent bags are thinner, brighter and more transparent than other bag types thanks to the additives used in their production. Since transparent bags are generally used for food packaging and packaging, they have the feature of being in contact with food. Therefore, great attention should be paid to “Hygienic Packaging” in its production. It must comply with the “Turkish Food Codex on Materials Contacting Food”.

Şeffaf Torbalar

In transparent bags, solid materials can be stored. Moreover, they need to have high strength to allow the transport of liquid materials. Transparent bags are used in the packaging of granulated sugar, cut sugar, breakfast ingredients (cheese, pickles, olives), dry and wet pulses and many other products as needed.

Up to 8 colors can be printed on transparent bags with Flexo printing technology. In addition, as Istanbul Plastik, transparent bags of any size, thickness and color are produced in line with customer demands.

What are the benefits of using transparent bags?


  • -Transparent bags are more cost-efficient than any other packaging technique.
  • -Transparent bags are more durable and easy to use.
  • -Transparent bags are more long-lasting and healthier.
  • -Transparent bags are hygienic and can be used in the food sector.

Available Dimension, Thickness and Length of Bags

10 cm30 mic -150mic10 cm – 150 cm
15 cm30 mic -150mic10 cm – 150 cm
20 cm30 mic -150mic10 cm – 150 cm
25 cm30 mic -150mic10 cm – 150 cm
Biodegradable additives that dissolve in nature in 24 months are being used in each product