Transparent Bag

Transparent Bag

There are some parameters to take into account in production of transparent bag. One of them is quality raw material, the other one is use of proper machine technology for production. Because of the additives used in production, transparent bag is more shiny and transparent than other bag types. Transparent bag usually has the characteristics of food contact material because of its usage in food packaging and wrapping. 
So “Hygienic Package” should be taken into consideration in its production. Transparent Bag should be in accordance with “Food Contact Material and Materials Regulation”.Sağlam, kopmayan Şeffaf Torba

Şeffaf Torbalar

Transparent bag’s durability should be high not only to store solid matters but also to carry them. Transparent bags are used in packaging granulated sugar, cube sugar, breakfast stuff (cheese, pickle, olive), dry and wet legumes and various products in case of need.

Printing can be practiced up to 8 colours on transparent bags with flexo printing technology. Additionally we, as Istanbul Plastik, produce transparent bags in any dimension, thickness and colour according to requests of the customers.

What Are the Advantages and Savings of Using Transparent Bag?

  • Transparent Bag is more cost-efficient than any other packaging techniques.
  • Transparent Bag is more durable and easy to use.
  • Transparent Bags are more long-lasting and healthier.
  • Transparent Bags are hygienic and can be used in food sector.
“Biodegradable (dissolve in nature in 24 months) additives are being used in each product.”