Shrink Films

What is a Shrink Film?

Shrink film is produced in co-extruder machines using low-density polyethylene raw material in single-layer or multi-layer configurations. The molds in the PE Shrink Roll Filmco-extruder machines transform low-density polyethylene raw materials, which are melted by applying high heat and brought to the consistency of wax, into films by modifying their width and thickness. These films are then sent to cold storage and rested before being made ready for shipment after receiving approval from the quality control department and gaining other customer-requested features (such as printing, perforation, and lamination).

Shrink Film Nasıl Üretilir?

These shrink films, which are rendered fit for usage, are heat treated again in the shrink machines of the ordering companies, so that the products to be packaged are firmly wrapped and gripped, shrinking and protecting the products from external factors.

How to Produce a Shrink Film?

Shrink film is manufactured in co-extruder machines utilizing low density polyethylene raw material in single or multi-layer configurations. Low Density Polyethylene Raw Materials that have been melted and thickened by the use of high heat PE Shrink Roll Film are created by altering the sizes and thicknesses using molds found in filmco-extruder machines.

After the customer acquires other desired features (printing, punching, laminating, etc.) and the produced films are approved for use by the quality control department, they are taken to the cool air storage room and rested where they are ready to be shipped.

These usable shrink films are re-heated at shrink machines placed in ordering companies, and it is ensured that the products to be packed are tightly grabbed and gripped so that the products are squeezed and protected from external causes.

What Are Other Types of Shrink Films?

New Generation Shrink Films, Shrink Films for Fully Automatic Machines, Shrink Films for Semi-Automatic Machines, Printed Shrink Films, Perforated Shrink Films, Magazine Packaging Foils

“Shrink films are successfully applied in a variety of other industries, including water, beverages, automotive, food, forest products, cleaning materials, and so on.”

What are the Benefits of Shrink Film?

  • -Shrink films are manufactured in every color, size, and thickness to meet the needs of the clients. The shrink film has no odor, no taste, and is puncture-resistant.
  • -Shrink films have no effect on the flavor or odor of the packaged products.
  • -Shrink films protect your products from potentially harmful environmental conditions.
  • -Shrink film is the most cost-effective and environmentally friendly packing material for long-distance transit.
  • -Shrink nylon is best for cost and ease of usage in industrial use.
  • -Shrink-wrap packaging requires very little machine expenditure, while other packaging techniques involve high costs.
  • -Shrink foil is heat and cold-resistant.
  • -Products packed using shrink film have a long shelf life.
  • -The use of shrink roll film is advantageous when selling a transparent product.
  • -Istanbul Plastik ve Ambalaj shrink films are environmentally friendly and 100 % recyclable.

P.S: Shrink film is also known as şiring film, şirink film, şiling film, şilink film in Türkiye.

Available Dimension, Thickness and Length of Shrink Films

10 cm30 mic -150mic150 mt / 500 mt
20 cm30 mic -150mic150 mt / 500 mt
30 cm30 mic -150mic150 mt / 500 mt
35 cm30 mic -150mic150 mt / 500 mt
40 cm30 mic -150mic150 mt / 500 mt
45 cm30 mic -150mic150 mt / 500 mt
50 cm30 mic -150mic150 mt / 500 mt
55 cm30 mic -150mic150 mt / 500 mt
60 cm30 mic -150mic150 mt / 500 mt
160 cm30 mic -150mic150 mt / 500 mt

PE Shrink Film Features