What is the LDPE Shrink Roll Production Process?

Shrink Rulo Depolama İçin Uygun Sıcaklık Aralığı Nedir

Shrink roll, which is widely used in the world, plays an important role in packaging products easily and healthily. It reduces the transportation costs of suppliers and enables the packaging of large quantities. LDPE shrink film types include forms containing LDPE, LLDPE and HDPE. This material, which is effective in wrapping heavy products, is known for its strength resistance.

Which Devices are Used in Shrink Roll Production?

LDPE shrink roll, which is preferred for wrapping water bottles and food products, is a product suitable for color printing. This product, which is 100% recyclable, can be easily mixed with different chemicals. Along with the extruder machine used in the shrink roll production process, other devices include:

  • Rotary mold head that makes neat and smooth production,
  • Balloon control that controls the width of the film,
  • Back-to-back double rewinder that allows you to split the tubular film into two parts to obtain two flat films.

How is LDPE Shrink Roll Produced?

Shrink roll is produced from low-density LDPE material. This product, which is obtained from a raw material called polyethylene, is designed in accordance with its usage areas. As it is an industrial material, it can also be preferred by small businesses. Shrink roll is a material that can be customized by flexo-printing.

It can be preferred for packaging products after heat treatment. It is an economical packaging method and can be produced in different sizes and thicknesses. It can be produced with and without holes from 15 to 400 cm, as well as attracting attention with printed and unprinted designs. Films with thicknesses between 30 and 400 microns are manufactured by taking into account features such as the weight of the load and storage conditions.

What are the Usage Areas of Shrink Roll?

Shrink roll extends the life of products and provides protection against factors such as heat and moisture. The shrinking process performed using shrink lines, ovens or guns gives shine to the products. This material, which comes across as a healthy and practical packaging method, is produced with technological devices. Among the areas of use of this material are:

  • Food products such as food and beverages,
  • Perfume, make-up or cosmetics,
  • Household souvenirs,
  • Toys,
  • Office and stationery supplies,
  • Electric-electronic accessories,
  • Furniture and decorative objects,
  • Medicine,
  • Medical and medical devices,
  • White goods,
  • Ceramic,
  • Automotive products.

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