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About Us

Istanbul Plastic and Packaging

“Istanbul Plastic and Packaging began operations in 1997 as a family-owned business. Each of the company partners received training for their particular unit and established themselves as experts in their own specialties.”

Having started as a workshop producing 700 tons per year, Istanbul Plastik has grown to become an institutional enterprise producing 9000 tons in our 5000 square meter facility by adhering to its standards and values. Istanbul Plastik is happy to be the first in many categories in our country as a customer-oriented, innovative organization that keeps up with technology.

We were able to make a PVA film after two years of R&D (Research and Development) work on the project, which began in 2011. Despite the fact that it was a lengthy, costly, and difficult project, the satisfaction overcame all exhaustion in the end. Following that, we sponsored R&D efforts for a product named New Generation Shrink Film, which was brand new to the market. We began production after finishing our machinery investment in 2014.

We, at Istanbul Plastik, think that success is not by chance, and that success at work requires not only hard effort but also proper merchandising, accurate sales price, quality production, and on-time delivery.

With a quarter-century of production experience and professional employees, Istanbul Plastic and Packaging Company is happy to serve you, our loyal customers. In 2019, our company chose to modernize its existing machine park and replace all production lines with cutting-edge technology machines, propelling it to third position on the list of our country’s most modern packaging facilities. Our organization creates professional and feature-length films. In response to our customers’ requirements and wants, we manufacture various packaging materials such as printed-unprinted Shrink Films, Lamination Films, Pallet Stretches, and Industrial Bags in the appropriate size, thickness, color, and quantity.

These products are utilized in a variety of industries, including food, automotive, water, soft drinks, forest products, construction, cosmetics, and pharmaceuticals.

Istanbul Plastic and Packaging Company was founded in 1997 as a family business. Our company manufactures plastics and packaging. The company has an annual production capacity of 9000 tons, exporting 3500 tons of packaging items to 18 countries, which accounts for 40 % of its total production.

The Solar Power Plant in Istanbul Plastik will be operational in 2023. The project began with the goal of having a zero carbon footprint in electricity. Our company generates 100 % of the energy it needs for production from its own Solar Power Plant, and all of its products are made with sustainable green energy for the future world and our children.

Istanbul Plastik adopts an environmentally friendly approach by producing in accordance with solar energy standards. Thanks to the renewable energy sources used in our products, we contribute to the protection of natural resources. For this reason, we are proud to have Istanbul Plastik GES (Solar Energy Standard) certificate.

What we do

As Istanbul Plastik, we believe that success is not a coincidence, and that success in a business is achieved not only by hard work, but also by right purchasing, creating the right sales pricing, quality production and on time delivery.


We provide you with quality materials at affordable prices.


We produce our products above the standard quality, so that you can use them safely.


At the end of the day, we prioritize the satisfaction of our customers.


We carefully follow your work from the order stage to the delivery.

We Export to 18 Countries

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