Stretch Film for Manuel Usage

Stretch Film for Manual Usage

Manuel Stretch Films manufactured by Istanbul Plastik have 5 layers and are produced by cast film process with cutting-edge technology. Manuel Stretch Films are available in single and double-sided adhesives, in slippery forms inside or outside, and with UV additive. The purpose of Manual Stretch Films is to keep associated products stable and tight during shipment and storage, while also preventing harm from dust and solar rays.

Manuel Stretch Film

What are the benefits of pallet stretch films for manual usage?

  • -Manual Stretch films never add flavor or odor to packed goods.
  • -Manual Stretch Films act as a filter for harmful sun rays while protecting your products from wind, rain, dust, and insect pests.
  • -Because stretch films are colorless, they provide a competitive edge when selling the product. According to the consumer’s request, production can be made in the desired color.
  • -Manual Stretch Films are resistant to possible rigid external impacts due to the materials used in manufacture.
  • -Manual Stretch Films have a long shelf life since they are resistant to heat exchanges.
  • -Because it is elastic, the Manual Stretch Film takes the shape of the coated product.
  • -Stretch Films assist your products in remaining stable and tight during long-distance transportation and storage.
  • -While substantial equipment investments are required in conventional packaging processes, these expenses are extremely low in the Manual Stretch Film package.
  • -No other package material in the world offers the pricing and convenience of using Manual Stretch film for industrial use.
  • -Dimensions, thickness, and quantity are all done correctly in accordance with the clients’ preferences and requests.
  • -Stretch Films are environmentally friendly and completely recyclable.
Available Dimension, Thickness and Length of Automatic Machines Stretch Film


10 cm17 mic300 mt
25 cm17 mic300 mt
50 cm17 mic300 mt

*Available Dimension,Thickness and Length for Manuel Stretch Film

10 cm23 mic300 mt
25 cm23 mic300 mt
50 cm23 mic300 mt

*Available Dimension,Thickness and Length for Manuel Stretch Film