Pallet Cover

Pallet Cover

Pallet cover is generally used by companies producing construction materials (such as ytong, brick, ceramic, and cement). After determining the size and thickness according to the shape and weight of the products to be applied to the pallet cover, different properties are gained by using various additives (such as UV, antifusion, and antistatic).

The shrinking process of the pallet cover is carried out by means of a Re-pack gun or automatic ovens.

In accordance with the requests and demands of our customers, all sizes, thicknesses and colors are produced.

Palet Örtüsü

What are the benefits of pallet cover?

    • -The pallet cover is economical due to the material used in its production.
    • -The pallet cover is more practical and long-lasting than other packaging techniques.
    • -The pallet cover is more practical compared to other transport methods in terms of providing convenience in the field of use.
    • -The pallet cover protects the materials it packs from adverse conditions and keeps them stable.

Available Dimension, Thickness and Length of Bags

10 cm30 mic -150mic10 cm – 150 cm
15 cm30 mic -150mic10 cm – 150 cm
20 cm30 mic -150mic10 cm – 150 cm
25 cm30 mic -150mic10 cm – 150 cm
Biodegradable additives that dissolve in nature in 24 months are being used in each product