Antistatic Bag

Antistatic Bag

Non-static bags, also known as antistatic bags, are specially produced to avoid problems due to static electricity in packaging materials in the production line. Thanks to the sensitive additives prepared by the expert staff working in the laboratories of Istanbul Plastic, the electricity generated within the material is destroyed and the formation of static electricity that may occur during the use of the packaging material is also prevented. Non-static (antistatic) bags are preferred by companies engaged in the transport of precious metals, in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry and in sensitive production such as electronic parts.

Non-static (antistatic) bags are produced in any size, thickness and color according to the requests and demands of the companies and no printing is applied to this product.

Non-Statik Torba (Antistatikli Torba)

What are the benefits of using non-static (antistatic) bags?

    • -In non-static (antistatic) bags, problems experienced in other packaging materials are not encountered.
    • -Electrification in the production line can be solved with non-static (antistatic) bags.
    • -It provides convenience to the user firm in non-static (antistatic) bags.
    • -Non-static (antistatic) bags eliminate the static electricity generated within the material.
    • -Non-static (antistatic) bags have a wide variety.
    • -Printing cannot be done on non-static (antistatic) bags.

Available Dimension, Thickness and Length of Bags

10 cm30 mic -150mic10 cm – 150 cm
15 cm30 mic -150mic10 cm – 150 cm
20 cm30 mic -150mic10 cm – 150 cm
25 cm30 mic -150mic10 cm – 150 cm
Biodegradable additives that dissolve in nature in 24 months are being used in each product