What is the Purpose of a Perforated Shrink Roll?

Shrink Rulo Ne İçin Kullanılır

Shrink roll shrinks when it comes into contact with heat. Shrink rolls, which are a kind of packaging material that takes the form of the product it covers, are produced from polyethylene raw material. These products, which are colorless, tasteless and odorless, easily take the shape of the product they are coated with when in contact with heat. Shrink rolls are highly preferred because of their low cost. Being flexible, transparent, thick and durable, it protects the product it covers against external factors.

Shrink rolls are an economical packaging material, and they are often preferred especially in the transportation sector. It can be produced in different sizes, with or without holes, according to the characteristics of the product to be coated and storage conditions. Perforated shrink roll is especially preferred for products that require long-term protection and will be stored in storage areas with high humidity.

What are the Features of Perforated Shrink Roller?

Perforated shrink roll is an odorless, tasteless and impact-resistant packaging solution. Perforated shrink rolls do not leave odor on the products. Perforated rolls are the most economical and ideal packaging material, which is preferred when long-distance transportation is required. We can list other features of perforated shrink rolls as follows:

  • -Perforated shrink rolls offer cost and ease of use in industrial use.
  • Perforated shrink nylon is highly resistant to cold and heat.
  • -Products packed with perforated shrink rolls have a longer shelf life.
  • -Perforated shrink rolls take the shape of the product it wraps because it has a flexible structure.
  • Perforated shrink film also provides an advantage in the sale of products because of being transparent.

What are the Advantages of Using a Perforated Shrink Roller?

Perforated shrink roll has a great advantage for protecting products in high-humidity storage environments and long-term seaway transfers. Thanks to the holes in the rolls, the packaged products can breathe. Thus, products are protected against risks such as mold and rust. Perforated shrink rolls are frequently preferred in wood and laminate flooring, travertine stone, metal and tin production sectors. Perforated shrink rolls are subjected to heat treatment once more in the shrink machines used by the ordering companies and tightly wrap the products to be packaged.

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