What is a Medical Waste Bag?

Tıbbi Atık Torbası Nedir?

A Medical Waste Bag is a specially designed packaging approved by the Ministry of Health, and it is made from medium-density polyethylene material. It is resistant to puncturing, tearing, and bursting, as well as being leak-proof, making it suitable for the collection, transport, and disposal of medical waste. These bags are manufactured with double-sealed bottoms and without pleats. They have a thickness of 100 microns and a carrying capacity of 10 kg. The plastic bags have the “International Biohazard” emblem and the inscription “Caution Medical Waste” on both sides.

Wastes that pose a risk to human and environmental health are divided into three categories: sharp and piercing solid wastes, infectious wastes, and pathological wastes. To properly segregate and dispose of these wastes, medical waste bags must be used, typically distinguished by their red color, especially in healthcare facilities.

After collecting medical wastes, the bags should be securely sealed. In cases where leakage is a concern, an additional medical waste bag should be used as a precautionary measure. Medical waste bags should never be recycled or reused in any way. Materials disposed of in these bags should not be removed or transferred to another container. The bags should be filled to no more than ¾ of their capacity. Other types of waste should not be transported in the same vehicle as medical waste.

What Is the Purpose of a Medical Waste Bag? We can list the benefits provided by medical waste bags as follows:

  1. Medical wastes can pose significant risks to both human and environmental health. Therefore, medical waste bags should be used for the proper disposal of these wastes.
  2. They are necessary for the disposal of laboratory materials such as tissue samples, needles, sharp objects, blood, and feces.
  3. These bags make it easier to segregate waste by type and facilitate proper disposal.
  4. The contents of medical waste bags should not be compressed, removed from the bags, or transferred to another container.
  5. They can be used for the collection of all types of waste that have come into contact with individuals with infectious diseases.

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