What are the Uses and Benefits of Pallet Stretch?

What are the Uses and Benefits of Pallet Stretch

Pallet stretch is a 5-layer packaging material that is produced by the cast film technique. This product is manufactured with adhesives laminated between layers and it is responsible for keeping the materials together. Its flexible structure allows it to wrap the products tightly. It saves users space and time with order, and durability while drawing attention.

What are the Features of Pallet Stretch?

The palette stretch provides functionality to users with its stretch, transparent appearance and texture. This packaging material, which is adhesive on one or both sides, is produced within the framework of requests and needs. It has a slippery structure inside and outside and differs in color, size and thickness. Features of this wrap are:

  • -It protects the products against external factors with its resistance to outer impacts, and water and air changes.
  • -It offers safe usage in transportation and storage processes.
  • -It is often preferred as an economical packaging material.
  • -It has a long shelf life.
  • -It is environmentally friendly and completely recyclable.
  • -Color can be produced.
  • -Its sticky and flexible structure allows the product it wraps to take its form.

What are Pallet Stretch Usage Areas?

Pallet stretch, which is used to package and protect products, is produced in 17 and 23-micron thicknesses. Products with 17 microns are used for wrapping light and medium-weight materials, while 23-micron films are used for wrapping heavy and sharp-surfaced materials. Usage areas of this packaging material are:

  • -Automotive,
  • -Furniture,
  • -Glass material,
  • -Electronics,
  • -Household appliances,
  • -Food and drink.

What are the Advantages of the Material to Users?

Pallet stretch is a material that improves storage and storage processes. It is included in innovative products that offer the practicality of use. Advantages of the product are:

  • -It provides durability in the stages of protection, storage, packaging and storage and provides long-lasting use.
  • -It prevents items from coming into contact with moisture, air or each other.
  • -It provides easy transportation of the wrapped materials.
  • -Since it does not allow the passage of odor, it prevents the odors of the products from permeating each other.
  • -It prevents the products it wraps from being lost or damaged.
  • -It is an economical solution and is widely preferred. Minimizes packaging cost.
  • -Thanks to its practicality of use, it saves time and space.

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