What are the Usage Areas of Polyethylene Shrink Film?

PE Shrink Rulo Kullanımının Avantajları Nelerdir

PE shrink film/foil provides safe and economical packaging of products packaged with the thermal shrinkage method. Polyethylene shrink films are plastic materials that shrink in contact with heat and take the shape of a packaged product. This type of foil is an economical and easy-to-wrap product produced from low-density polyethylene raw material. It is widely used in the packaging of industrial products such as glass, ceramics, soft drinks and metal.

Where is PE Shrink Film Use Preferred?

Optional printing applications can be made on PE shrink films. The product, which is used to hold more than one product together with the heat treatment method, is frequently preferred in many industrial areas because it is easy to apply. Shiny, transparent, odorless, tasteless and flexible foils are produced in different thicknesses, sizes and colors according to the wishes and preferences of the customers. PE shrink films are used as a packaging product in many industries such as toys, cosmetics, food, cleaning and automotive. Packaging foil, also known as PE shrink bag, contributes to the aesthetic appearance and durability of the products in which it is used.

Where PE Shrink Films Are Used:

  • In the packaging of home decoration products such as glass and ceramics,
  • Stationery materials such as books, notebooks, magazines, pens, paints,
  • In cosmetic products such as perfume, paint, make-up material,
  • In catering services,
  • In the packaging of frozen foods,
  • In vehicle accessories,
  • In small kitchen utensils,
  • In jewelry and clothing products,
  • In the packaging of toys, promotional products, technological electronic goods,
  • In ready meals, pastries, cookies, dried fruit, confectionery and desserts,
  • In the packaging of egg boxes and hygienic products.

Are PE Shrink Films Durable?

Shrink films have many different uses and, due to the strength of the structure, they are highly resistant to hot and cold. The product is used in the packaging of the materials that will be stored for a long time, keeping a large number of products together and allowing them to be transported and stored in a single package without occupying much space. It protects the products from all kinds of damage that may come from weather events such as rain, wind, snow and sunlight. It also ensures that the packaged products remain healthy and clean.

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