What are the Features of the PE Shrink Roller?

Shrink Rulonun Yaygın Olarak Kullanıldığı Sektörler Hangileridir

PE Shrink roll is one of the indispensable packaging solutions for many sectors in the field of packaging. One of shrink roll’s most important features is protecting the products from external factors. Shrink rolls, which are in contact with heat shrink and take the form of the product they wrap. Since the products that are wrapped in shrink rolls are subjected to heat treatment, they tightly wrap the product applied. The products used to protect the packaged products from possible external factors also provide a great convenience in stacking. Rolls, which provide ease of transportation in multiple products, are the first choice of the sectors with this feature.

As long as it is stored at the right temperature, PE shrink roll is a long-lasting and useful product. The products are not damaged by moisture and heat by taking simple precautions during storage. Extending the shelf life of shrink rolls also directly affects company costs.

The Prominent Features of Shrink Rolls

Shrink rolls are materials that shrink when they are in contact with heat. Then, they take the shape of the product they are packaged. PE Shrink roll stands out with some of its features.

  • -Shrink rolls can be produced with or without printing.
  • -They are glossy and transparent products.
  • -They are odorless, tasteless, translucent and flexible.
  • -Shrink rolls are produced in various thicknesses, sizes and colors upon the customer’s request.
  • -They are produced from polyethylene raw material.

What are the Benefits of Shrink Roller?

Shrink rolls are resistant to cold and heat as they are a strong product. They are used for packaging products that need to be stored for a long time. These packaging materials are prepared in a single package that serves to hold many products together. It serves to transport, store and store products without taking up much space. Products packed with PE Shrink rolls are protected from external factors such as rain, snow, wind and sunlight. Shrink rolls, which are used to store products safely, are often preferred.

Products that keep the packaged products clean and healthy are also low-cost. It takes the shape of packaged products and saves space. Products packed with shrink rolls made of polyethylene material reach the end user without any problem. Shrink rolls give the products a stylish and bright appearance, which accelerates sales. It also reduces shipping process costs.

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