Shrink Films for Semi-Automatic Machines

Shrink Films for Semi-Automatic Machines

This film is produced for use in semi-automatic shrink machines, and in companies that manufacture and pack low-volume production, Shrink Roll Film for semi-automatic machines (6-10 packages per minute) is used without problems.yari-otomatik-makinalar Produced for semiautomatic machines, this shrink film has excellent handling, flexibility and resistance to welding performance at high quality. It is also the solution to the static (static) and open welding problems in the film which is the first of the problems we encountered most in the firms. The shrink films prepared for semiautomatic machines are subjected to reheat treatment at semi-automatic shrink machines in ordering companies to group the products to be wrapped tightly.

What Are the Other Types of Shrink Films?

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What Are the Benifits and Savings of Shrink Films for Semi-Automatic Machines?

  • Semi-automatic Machines for Shrink Film is shock resistant.
  • For Odourless and tasteless semi-automatic machines Shrink Foil certainly does not leave the influence of taste and smell in packaged products.
  • Protect your products from adverse natural conditions (sun rays, rain, wind, dust and pests)
  • Shrink Film ensures your products stay together safely during transport and storage. (It is the most ideal and economical packing material for long distance transportation.)
  • No wrapping material in the world has the cost and ease of use of Shrink Filmin for industrial use.
  • While high machine investments are required for other packaging techniques, these investment costs are very low for shrink-wrap packaging.
  • Shrink Film is resistant to cold and heat. For this reason, long shelf life.
  • It Is flexible and thus takes the form of the product.
  • PE Shrink Roller is transparent which is an advantage in selling the product.
  • Shrink nylon is hygienic and conforms to the standards of food contact materials.
  • Istanbul Plastik ve Ambalaj production Shrink nylon is nature friendly and has 100% recycling feature.
  • According to the demands and requests of the customers, Semi-Automatic Machine shrink film production can be done in each dimension, thickness and colour. Besides colourful, printed and perforated production is available.

“Biodegradable (dissolve in nature in 24 months) additives are being used in each product.”

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