Perforated Shrink Films

Perforated Shrink Films

Perforated Shrink Film products are produced especially for to be used in the storage environments with high amounts of moisture and for long term maritime transport. The aim of this product is to help packaged products to inhale with the help of holes found on film and to prevent occurrence of mildew and rust. This film is used successfully in the sectors that produce wooden parquet, laminate parquet, travertine stone, metal and tin box. The perforated shrink films which are made suitable for use are subjected to re-heat treatment at the shrink machines located in the ordering companies and the products to be packed are tightly wrapped and grouped.

Perforated Shrink Films

What Are the Other Types of Shrink Films?

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What are the Benefits and Savings of Shrink Film?

  • Perforated shrink film is produced in every color, size and thickness in accordance with the requests and requests of the customers.
  • Perforated shrink film, is odorless, tasteless and resistant to impact.
  • Perforated shrink film does not create any taste or odor effect on the packaged products.
  • Protect your products from adverse environmental conditions. (From sun rays, rain, wind, dust and all the bugs)
  • The most economical and ideal packing material for long distance transports is perforated shrink film.
  • Perforated shrink film is best for cost and ease of use in industrial use.
  • While high machine investments are required for other packaging techniques, these investment costs are very low for packaging related to shrinking.
  • Perforated nylon is resistant to cold and heat, shrink.
  • The shelf life of products packed with perforated shrink film is long.
  • In every color, size and thickness in accordance with the demands and requests of our customers; Efficient, hygienic, economical nature friendly Hollow Shrink Roll production.
  • Perforated shrink rolls, flexible, therefore, takes the form of the product.
  • Perforated shrink film, is transparent and promote the sale of the product.
  • İstanbul Plastik and Ambalaj produced perforated shrink films are nature friendly and have 100% recycling feature.

“Biodegradable (dissolve in nature in 24 months) additives are being used in each product.”

PE Shrink Film Features