New Generation Shrink Films

New Generation Shrink Films

This film is produced using state-of-the-art co-extruder machines with low density polyethylene raw materials and imported additives with high technical properties. This application, which is a new product and technology in the world, enables our valuable customers to save a minimum of 30% and a maximum of 50% in consumption.

New Generation Shrink Film (yeni nesil shrink film)

How Does it?

As such; thanks to these special imported additives in the production of New Generation Shrink Film, excessive slenderising and in conjunction with this slenderising, great flexibility, endurance, carrying capability with this slenderising are achieved in this film which cannot be done with standard films. On account of these features, now it helps you to buy same package number with the half of purchased amount.

Our Dear Valued Customer; the other advantage of this film is energy saving. As follows:

New Generation Shrink If we think that film is thinned by a minimum of 30%, we need to reduce the tunnel temperatures in the shrink machine by a minimum of 30%, which is a considerable energy saving for our valuable customers.

Finally, one of the most important technical features of this film is that standard shrink films require a high temperature to complete the shrinking process, which is particularly important for products such as cheese, oil, buttermilk and milk that are packaged in companies that produce food and dairy products, causing them to deteriorate. The new generation shrink film definitely eliminates these problems. Because the new generation shrink film completes shrinking at very low temperatures, which prevents distortion of your products and also extends the quality and shelf life of your products.

New Generation Shrink Film usually has the characteristics of food contact material because of its usage in food packaging and wrapping. So “Hygienic Package” should be taken into consideration in its production. Shrink Film should be in accordance with “Food Contact Material and Materials Regulation”.

What Are the Other Types of Shrink Films?

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What Are the Benefits and Savings of New Generation Shrink Film?

  • New Generation Shrink Film is impact-resistant.
  • New generation shrink film does not create any taste or odor effect on the packaged products.
  • Protect your products from adverse environmental conditions. (From sun rays, rain, wind, dust and all the bugs)
  • New generation shrink film is the most economical and ideal packing material for long distance transportation.
  • New generation shrink nylon is best for cost and ease of use in industrial use.
  • While high machine investments are required in other packaging techniques, these investment costs are very low for shrinking related packaging.
  • New generation shrink nylon is resistant to cold and hot.
  • The shelf life of products wrapped with new generation shrink film is extended.
  • New generation shrink film takes the shape of the product because of its flexibility.
  • New generation shrink roller is transparent ,an advantage in selling the product.
  • Istanbul Plastik and Package’s shrink films are nature friendly and %100 recyclable.
  • Shrink film production is hygienic, it should be the material which comes into contact with food.
  • New generation shrink films are produced in every color, size and thickness in accordance with the demands and requests of the customers.

“Biodegradable (dissolve in nature in 24 months) additives are being used in each product.”

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