Biaxially Shrink Films

What is Shrink Film?

Biaxially shrink film is the general name of biaxial films. This technique is more common in BOPP film production. In recent years, it is also used in the production of LDPE film, which is the most economical solution in packaging. It is a costly and difficult production technique.Biaxially shrink film has superior mechanical performance properties compared to films produced in other production techniques and has many important properties such as tensile strength, toughness, heat stability, tear initiation resistance and barrier. For biaxially shrink film, a significant amount of shrinkage is required at relatively low temperatures compared to other films.
Biaxially Shrink Film

How to Produce Shrink Film?

Shrink film is produced in co-extruder machines by using low density polyethylene raw material in single layer or multi layer. Low Density Polyethylene Raw Materials which are melted and thickened by application of high heat PE Shrink Roll Film is made into films by adjusting the sizes and thicknesses by using the molds found in filmco-extruder machines.

These produced films are then taken to the cold air storage room and rested and ready to be shipped after the customer obtains other desired features (printing, punching, lamination, etc.) and is approved for use by the quality control department.

These shrink films, which are made useable, are subjected to re-heat treatment at the shrink machines located in the ordering companies and it is ensured that the products to be packed are tightly gripped and gripped so that the products are squeezed and protected from external factors.

What Are the Other Types of Shrink Films?

New Generation Shrink Films, Shrink Films for Fully Automatic Machines, Shrink Films for Semi-Automatic Machinesm, Printed Shrink Films, Perforated Shrink Films, Magazine Packaging Foils

“Shrink films are successfully applied in many other sectors such as water, beverages, automotive, food, forest products, cleaning materials and so on.”

What are the Benefits and Savings of Shrink Film?

  • Shrink films are produced in every color, size and thickness in accordance with the requests and demands of the customers. The shrink film is odorless, tasteless and puncture resistant.
  • Shrink film does not produce any taste or odor effect on the packaged products.
  • Protect your products from adverse environmental conditions. (From sun rays, rain, wind, dust and all the bugs)
  • Shrink film is the most economical and ideal packing material for long distance transportation.
  • Shrink nylon is best for cost and ease of use in industrial use.
  • While high machine investments are required for other packaging techniques, these investment costs are very low for shrink-wrap packaging.
  • Shrink foil is resistant to cold and hot.
  • The shelf life of products packed with shrink film is long.
  • Shrink roll film is an advantage in selling a transparent product.
  • Istanbul Plastik ve Ambalaj shrink films are nature friendly and have 100% recycling properties.

P.S: Shrink film is also known as şiring film, şirink film, şiling film, şilink film in Turkey.

PE Shrink Film Features