In Which Sectors Are Pallet Stretches Used?

Manuel Stretch Film

Pallet stretch is a packaging material that protects by interrupting the interaction of materials with air. With its elasticity feature, it protects the products by wrapping them. It is designed based on quality criteria such as stretching, puncture resistance and stickiness. This material, which is used for packaging and preservation purposes, is produced with the cast film technique.

What are Pallet Stretch Features?

Pallet stretch, thanks to its structures, can be used easily and speed up your operations. It takes the shape of the product to it is applied. Features of this type of stretch film are:

  • -Since they are transparent, they make the products they cover visible from the outside and provide an advantage for sales.
  • -The fact that they are odorless does not allow them to create an undesirable situation.
  • -It provides long-lasting use.
  • -It is environmentally friendly as it provides 100% recycling.
  • -It is an economical and ideal product for storage and transportation processes.
  • -It protects the products from dust, dirt, rain or sun rays.
  • -It resists cold and heat.
  • -It can be produced in size, thickness, quantity and color by the wishes and needs of the customers.

What are the Advantages of Pallet Stretches?

The pallet stretch, produced with liners and adhesives, is usually 5-ply. It grips the product tightly and allows them to stay together for a long time. Product advantages are:

  • -Not leaving taste and odor as well as being resistant to impacts, heat and cold, and all kinds of external factors such as insects,
  • -Providing cost and ease of use in industrial areas,
  • -Having a long shelf life,
  • -Having a positive effect on product sales with its transparent structure,
  • -Being environmentally friendly,
  • -Can be produced in colors, sizes and quantities suitable for the usage area.

What are the Usage Areas of Pallet Stretch?

The pallet stretch stays taut when wrapped. It allows users to save time and organize. From the product range, 17 microns are used in the packaging of light and medium products, and 23 microns are used in the packaging of heavy and sharp-surfaced products. Among the usage areas of this material are:

  • -Automotive industry,
  • -Furniture industry,
  • -Glass industry,
  • -Household appliances,
  • -Food industry,
  • -Electronic accessories,
  • -Computer peripherals,
  • -Metal industry,
  • -Ceramic industry,
  • -Stationery industry,
  • -Machinery industry.

Pallet stretch offers an ideal use in homes as well as small or large businesses such as factories, warehouses and stores. You can order pallet stretch from Istanbul Plastik immediately and use it with peace of mind. Please contact us for detailed information.