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It started its activities as a family business in 1997. Each of the company partners has taken over as an expert trained in their own field.

While we were a workshop that produced 700 tons of annual production in the first years of our activity, thanks to the values ​​we never compromised, we have succeeded in becoming a corporate company that produces 750 tons per month, 9000 tons per year in our modern factory of 3500 m2. As Istanbul Plastik, we are proud of being a company that is customer-oriented, open to innovations, follows technology closely and always succeeds in breaking new ground in our country.

Quality and Sustainability at Istanbul Plastik.

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As Istanbul Plastik, we believe that success is not a coincidence, and that success in a business is achieved not only with hard work, but also with the right purchase, creating the right sales pricing, quality production and on time delivery.

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A Company involved in servicing, maintenance and repairs of engines, prime movers and exhaust gas turbochargers. We are an integrated engineering company comprised of agile and experienced engineers skilled in different types of engineering work.

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Shrink roll is a type of packaging that shrinks when it comes into contact with heat. This protective material, which is produced from the raw material called polyethylene, is produced as a single or multiple layers. It easily takes the form of the material it wraps. This product is used in many sectors and helps businesses to save financially and morally.

Shrink foil is used for durable packaging of products. It offers a practical and comfortable use in storage and transportation processes. It is a more economical option than traditional packaging products such as parcels and boxes.

Stretch films are produced in different types according to usage areas, shapes and demands. Some are designed for use in industry, while others are designed for food materials. It also offers manual and machine winding options according to their types.

  • Hand Held Stretch Film: They are films that do not require a machine and are easy to use.
  • Pallet Stretch Film: These are films that offer both manual and machine use options, and that wrap products securely and enable them to be transported.
  • Power Stretch Film: For those who want a fast and tight stretching process, they are films that can be stretched by machine.
  • Machine Stretch Film:It is a type of stretch film that can be stretched by automatic machine, offered as an alternative to hand type.
  • Sliced ​​Stretch Film:These are films prepared by slicing in the desired size and in accordance with customer demand.
  • Industrial Stretch Film: They are films used in the industry and transportation sector and presented in sizes suitable for demand.

Stretch films, which have many benefits with their practical use, are basically used for packaging. Stretch films are a favorite of every home, especially as they meet the packaging requirement for the kitchen. In addition, stretch film is an important part of industrial production. The stretch film, which is used in relevant places with the understanding of quality production, also has certain benefits. The benefits of stretch films are mostly due to their easy-to-use features.

The Syring bag is a material that usually contains PVC, polyolefin or polyethylene. This product, which shrinks when heat is applied, is used for packaging purposes. It is preferred in many sectors such as transportation, food or cosmetics with production technology. This material, which is produced in different sizes, thicknesses, widths and weights, is applied with the help of a film machine.

Almost all industries use stretch film. Stretch films are produced from very low density lldpe polyethylene raw material. Pallet stretch wraps the products tightly and keeps them together. It prevents the products from dusting and at the same time protects them from moisture and getting wet. Thanks to its flexible structures, it can hold products when tightly wrapped. These products are generally preferred for cargo packaging. Pallet stretches, which have a variety of usage areas, are frequently encountered in packaging large volume products.


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